Friday, December 30, 2011

At The Point of Disinterested

Disinterested? At the point of disinterested? Not what you think. I am always interested in monster movies, however if I like one or not may depend on that "point of disinterestedness" that one feels when they see something cool. It's that flash of "wow"... that gut feeling of "wow" which sends a shiver up your spine and raises the hair on your forearm. The very moment when you have a nuclear pin-point of aesthetic clarity, and the film slaps your brain into waking you to the fact that you are experiencing an cinematic event.

At the Point of Disinterested is how I am when it come to most film. Or the arts. Or pretty much life in general. And then comes the analytical stuff... oh, and maybe some tangent on another line of conjecture. Hmmmmm...

But for now, the above is just a short introduction to my blog.  And below is a link:

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