Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eyeball Candy- Part 3 Random World Posters

Taking a break from the written word to present some of more recent movie monster posters from the world over. Enjoy these cinematic works of art! Some are currently available on DVD or VCD. Google them and you'll find them. Yes, most of them. Some.... nope.

Ramsay classic available on DVD in the US, Japan, India, & the UK.

Hand painted African poster for a video store that VHS and DVDs from Ghana and Nigeria

Taiwanese fantasy film -- I have this poster and the film; the poster is much more exciting.

"Ghost Nursing"- Thai poster.

Indian horror film --- look at that monster!  I NEED THIS ONE!

LOURD BALAA - looks like one of those vastly entertaining Indian hairy monster films.

Thai Snake Girl Monster movie -- from the 70's or 80's; anyone have a title for me?

ZIBAH KHANA - another grade c Indian horror/monster movie on my list from 2007: title translates as "Hell's Ground". The company that made this flick? "Bubonic Films". Awesome.

捉鬼大師  - one of favourite 80's vampire/possession films that stars some of  Hong Kong' comedy greats: Kent Cheng, Stanley Fung, Nat Chan, Jackie Cheung, and Elsie Chan.

Newspaper ad for the Pakistani horror film THE LIVING CORPSE/DRACULA FROM PAKASTAN from 1967.

Japanese film I know nothing about, except that it is probably about drug addiction rather than a monster movie. But it is a cool poster none the less!

The best Taiwanese fantasy film EVER!!!!! 

Chinese film. Thai poster. I should know what film this is, but I am currently brain dead.

More Snake Girl/Monster action from Cambodia/Thailand... Classic horror motif.


  1. That Japanese one is for either Guts or Entrails of the Virgin and are available on DVD in the US. Cheap modern monsters!

  2. Okay. Have that film. I had never seen that poster, Dave. Thanks for the info!!!!!

  3. Tim, ZIBAHKHANA (aka Hell's Ground) is Omar Khan's film from Pakistan, not India. It's part produced by Mondo Macabro.

  4. Cool, I knew it was in Urdu, but that could be Pakistan or India... so Pakistan it is. Thanks for the heads up, Jack. I'll have to do some corrections next round of editing!

  5. Tim, THE WITCH is basically a Filipino horror movie with some HK backing. It seems to be lost (at least in any home-video format anyway). Check Andrew's post about it here:


  6. Thanks again, Jack. Seems like I should have researched this entry a wee bit more. So it is the Filipino THE WITCH, I read about this back in the 90's, but failed to acquire any other data. Thanks once more for the link.

  7. You're welcome. No worries, mate, we can't all have ALL the correct info ALL the time, haha.

  8. If we did it would be a dull world indeed. Half the fun is hunting down movies connected to the posters...or even a random title with no information at all.